Agriculture Products

We import and sell various agricultural materials from Israel, an advanced agricultural technology country.

Polygal: Hollow polycarbonate

Polygal hollow polycarbonate sheet is a new greenhouse panel that creates an optimal environment for crops grown in agricultural greenhouses and gardens. It realizes cost reduction while maintaining the quality of the crop.

Odis: Filter system

ODIS is one of the world's leading companies in development, design and manufacture of filters, water and wastewater treatment systems. The company's products are manufactured under strict quality control standards of ISO 9001.

MAPAL: Bench type cultivation kit

MAPAL is a container equipment manufacturer that can cultivate agricultural crops without wide soil. The company's bench type cultivation kit can be used for many agricultural crops such as vegetables, roses, cut flowers, herbs and strawberries.

Metzerplas: Pipeline

Metzerplas is a micro irrigation product and pipeline manufacturer. We design and manufacture SP pipe for piping construction of cold water and hot water, PE pipe for hydraulic base and communication.

GINEGAR: Film sheet

Ginegar is a manufacturer of greenhouse vinyl film for agriculture, multifilm for outdoor agriculture. It is Israel's largest agricultural developer.

Paskal: Vegetable accessories

Paskal is a manufacturer of vegetable accessories such as tomatoes. Paskal's highly capable team of researchers and developers has designed products to ensure on-site efficiency and quality results. 

Bio Bee: Pest insects

To control bees and mites, Chyrika · worker (Tiberi Mushrooms)
Bumblebee pumperune circle for pollination.