Company Profile

Company name

K.I.N Co., Ltd.


Yaron Mishly



Main Bank

Mizuho Bank

Selected as a company that contributed to the business between Japan and Israel.

We were elected to the 5th Japan · Israel · business contributors (5 companies) co-sponsored by the Israeli Embassy in Japan and the Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Japan. This award was honored by companies that contributed to the business between Japan and Israel. Certificate award ceremony was held at Hotel Okura Tokyo on February 7, 2012. The companies awarded and the organizations that received a letter of appreciation are one of the following five companies.

Management reform plan approval certificate

February 19, Heisei K-i Co., Ltd. received a management reform plan approval document as import and sales of innovative wave-extinguishing material technology and know-how based on a Japanese agency contract from the Governor of Kyoto Prefecture.


Business Contents

Importing and selling of agricultural related materials

  • Polygal hollow polycarbonate
  • Odis water filter
  • Paskal Agriculture related accessories
  • Other

Importing and selling of industrial materials

  • Polygal hollow polycarbonate
  • Other

Real estate rental business

  • Kyoto Machiya rental

Business Partner

Agriculture related material import and sales business partner

Industrial materials import and sales business partner