Paskal: Vegetable accessories

Paskal is a manufacturer of vegetable accessories such as tomatoes.
Small accessories will help you with great harvest.

Paskal vegetable accessories

Roller hook

Ideal for hanging tomatoes.
I will stand straight without standing up.
The length of the string can be easily adjusted.
Reel 25 to 34 m volume.

Tomato clip # 550KC

Fix the stem of tomato to the cord of the roller hook using the clip.
It is a ventilation type that prevents the occurrence of mold from the part that it fixed.
Inner diameter 23 mm.

Biodegradation Tomato clip # 550k-bio

Biodegradable in an appropriate environment
Inner diameter 23 mm.

Paskal popular accessories

Accessories for vineyards

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Net Connection

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Accessories for greenhouses

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Paskal Corporation

Paskal is mainly engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of farm and greenhouse cultivation products.
The company’s products are used on farms in more than 60 countries, especially for accessories such as tomatoes and vineyards.
The company has provided only products that actually use the developed product and whose quality promises better effect than the customer’s agriculture. We carefully observe the relationship of trust with our dealers and customers actually using these products, which we have built through these products, and we continue to research and develop products that we can serve.
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